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Full Truckload

Customized and efficient expedited FTL shipping.

FTL Services

  Dedicated Capacity

With Full Truckload from KODIS, your cargo is our only focus. No other shipments will interfere with your deliverability.

  Controlled Delivery

When it’s your delivery, you can specify how and when it gets there, as you track its complete journey with KODIS logistics software.

  Time and Value

When it’s time sensitive or high-value / low weight, chances are you’ll appreciate the certainty of KODIS Full Truckload services.

Partial Truckload

Between LTL and full truckload, KODIS PT services
blend efficiency, speed and savings for operations.


Partial Truckload Services

   Control Costs

Pay only for the space and weight you need

   Less Handling

Less loading and unloading means fewer mistakes

   One Truck

Your pallets ship together, and arrive together


Defray shipping costs and still meet deadlines when you
share our trucks with other palletized shipments.

LTL Services

   Smaller Palletized Orders

Move up to 10 pallets with KODIS LTL

   Identify and Optimize

Find opportunities for savings and efficiency

   Track and Trace

Use KODIS proprietary track and trace software to find your goods



Sometimes your customers need it delivered yesterday.
Expedited services from KODIS will get it there when you need it.


Expedited Services

   LTL, Air Cargo or the In-between

Select a delivery method and speed that makes sense for your operations

   Fewer Touchpoints

Less handling means fewer opportunities for delays

   Customized Schedules

KODIS will help design schedules to match your delivery window


Deliver your high-value and ultra time-sensitive items
with personalized attention and reliability.

Parcel Delivery

   High-value Items

   Ultimate Reliability

   Secure Delivery

   Courier Tracking

Staff work in warehouse use bar code scanner and laptop with pro

Ready to take your transportation to the next level?

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Update: St Anthony’s Transportation is now part of KODIS. Learn more.